Jowalbinna Rock Art Safari Camp (established 1980) is just one hour south-west of Laura on the Maytown track. Access is by 4WD only.

Percy and Lasca

On the Little Laura River, Jowalbinna is the Peninsula's longest established private conservation area, with the very highest natural and cultural heritage values.

Steve Trezise is Australia's leading interpretive guide in rock art and anthropology.

Since Percy Trezise began exploring and recording the Quinkan rock art in 1960, the Trezise family have played a seminal role in conservation and research. The Trezise's continue to work closely with the Aboriginal traditional owners.

Jowalbinna Rock Art Walks (Small Group)

Deighton Lady Guests

Emu Dreaming and Giant Wallaroo

Sandy Creek Sites

Discounts available for larger groups.

Trezise Bush Guides have access to rock art sites across the Laura Sandstones on other pastoral holdings and Aboriginal lands.


Brady Creek Site

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